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What You Need To Understand About Alabama Injury Law

The average personal injury settlement ranges from $3,000 to $75,000. Few people receive considerably more than this. There have been personal injury cases that have resulted in million-dollar settlements. In rare cases,there have been billion-dollar settlements.

You need to understand Alabama injury laws and your claim. This will make you to get the maximum compensation possible,as will retaining a -.

Statue of Limitations

In most American states including Alabama,there is a statute of limitations in relation to personal injury cases. You have a limited period to pursue compensation. After this period expires,you will not be able to file a suit. This period is usually three years.

You should file a personal injury suit as soon as possible. Immediately after an injury,you should contact a lawyer. The attorney will guide you on the further steps that you should take.


Alabama is a no-fault state. There will only be compensation if there is no fault on the side of the injured party. The faulty party will pay for compensation. More than one party can be at fault.

Compensation Depends on Severity of Injury

For severe injuries,you can expect a higher sum of compensation. A severe injury can be a spinal cord or head injury. A spinal cord injury can result in a disability. Treating this injury is expensive. A victim of this injury will also need rehabilitation. That will cost more.

Head injury can cause brain damage. A serious case of brain damage will lead to a coma. Brain damage requires expensive brain surgery done by a neurosurgeon.

Compensation for a severe injury will need to cover medical and rehabilitation costs. It should also compensate for lost income,pain,and suffering,according to top -.

The Bottom-Line

A personal injury victim deserves compensation. You can use a court process to pursue compensation. The best alternative is the negotiation option. Either way,you should work with a good-.

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