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Lock and Key Types

Exploring lock options will stand as proof that there are many different ones available. There are also many different key types to choose from. A locksmith can do their best to answer your questions about locks, keys and other locksmith services.  
But where do you even begin, if you are looking into having new locks installed? With all the options available, how do you choose? We are here to provide some information on lock and key types (webstergroveslocksmith.com). It is our hope that anyone reading this will find it to be helpful. 
Not only are there child-resistant locks for families that want to make sure their child does not run out the front door, or close an interior door on their finger, but there are handicapped-accessible locks, locks that can be accessed using your smartphone, and more. Likewise, there are many different types of keys.  
We will start with providing details on different types of keys. Keep reading! 
Key Types 
Four Sided key: What is a four sided key? This is a good key to have if you want better security. Why? Because it would be challenging to copy this key. If all sides are not working, then the lock cannot be opened.  
Double Sided key: A double sided key has two functional sides. It’s just another name for a four sided key!  
Tubular key: A tumbler key is one that works with a pin tumbler lock. You might see a tubular key being used for a storage facility.   
Transponder key: A transponder key is a key that is made specifically for a certain vehicle. Using the wrong key will mean being unable to access the car. Therefore, transponder keys add another layer of security and can stop a vehicle from being hotwired.  
Skeleton key: A skeleton key is a type of key that is able to unlock various different locks, so it would be useful for property managers, or buildings where a person needs to be able to open multiple doors. It is easier than carrying numerous keys.   
Perceptibly, there are many different kinds of keys available. Keys are made to help to prevent break ins and theft by securing items. They can be made quite difficult to duplicate which lessens the chances of someone copying a key to break in to a property. 
Now we will discuss some of the different types of locks. A lock is important because it ensures just a person with a key is able to open it. In some cases, more than one key can be used to open a lock. 
Types of Locks 
Just like with keys, there are many lock types available. From cam locks, knob locks, deadbolts, mortise locks, and lever handle locks, to padlocks, euro profile cylinders, wall mounted locks, and keyless locks, there is no shortage of options. A lock will be made to work with a specific key, and with many locks, when the right key is inserted, the spring loaded pins and notches on the key’s blade will move until they match up with a track and enable the cylinder to turn so a lock can then open. Now, here are just some examples of different kinds of locks… 
Cam lock: A cam lock has a metal plate and is a cylindrical lock.  
Deadbolt: A deadbolt can add a security layer and it is frequently used in combination with other security and lock features. When would a deadbolt be used? It could be used in single family homes, town homes, condos, apartments and more. There is even the option to go keyless with deadbolts. This will use a code to unlock a door rather than a key. This type of deadbolt can often be connected to an alarm system, too. 
Knob lock: From Schlage to Kwikset, there are many brands that make knob locks. What is a knob lock? It is a lock that can be locked from the inside and outside. Instead of being located in the door, the lock cylinder can be found in the knob. 
Wall mounted lock: A wall mounted lock box might be seen outside a garage door, and enables a person to enter a code to get inside, in many cases. It can also use a combination code to get in, or it can use a key. There are even Bluetooth lock boxes. 
Child-Resistant lock: If you have a child in your home that is young and mobile, then you should certainly consider child-resistant locks. Once the child is tall enough to reach the door lock, or has figured out how to climb on something to get to the lock, it might be necessary to have child resistant locks installed. This can make it too challenging for a child to attempt to unlock a door, which could be a front door, a back door, or even a bi-fold door that they could accidently close on their finger!  
Mortise lock: A mortise lock goes on the body of the door. There are many mechanics working inside this type of lock.  
Padlocks: A padlock is a common type of lock that many have used before. A padlock is portable, and therefore might be used on a bike, locker, safe, or for other purposes.   
Now you can see that there are plentiful different lock and key types to choose from. No matter the type of property you have that needs to be locked – commercial, auto or residential – we hope our information has been helpful. If you want to upgrade locks, you have options (24 hour locksmith services). If you want to replace locks, of course there are also options. A locksmith is a person that can be called when you want to have new locks installed. We are proficient in installing different kinds of locks and working with different keys – we are also proficient in copying keys, repairing locks, and many other locksmith services.  
Thank you for taking the time to read about lock and key types! visit website 

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