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Modern Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware: Far From Ordinary

A barn door and hardware kit from http://www.specialtydoors.com/product-category/hardware/modern-barn-door-hardware/ is a great way to add style to a home. With these unique products, it is possible to easily move large items through the narrow passage of the opening without having them collide with either side. What happens, then, when the time comes for maintenance? The answer: one of the most durable metals on the market today, stainless steel. This means that your modern stainless steel barn door hardware will last for years, decades; in fact, never needing replacement of any kind.

What Is Modern Barn Door Hardware?

The classic “barn door hardware,” used by, well, barn doors, has tracks, hangers and rollers made of flat black iron or steel. Modern hardware gives a new spin on the old technology, and uses materials that are sleek and high quality for an aesthetic that is far from ordinary.

Modern stainless steel barn door hardware is a cost effective way of giving your home a completely new spin on a product while also providing functionality and durability.

A barn door hardware kit includes a track, rollers, and brackets/hangers. The track is installed horizontally at eye level or higher for most people to easily reach with an open sliding barn style door attached to it.

The brackets hold up the end of the horizontal track in order to mount it securely into place, while this also provides mounting points for attaching your modern door.

The modern stainless steel barn door hardware kits are available in a variety of styles and colors, but the most popular option is polished stainless steel with an extensive range of finishes; an option preferred by the interior design veterans who run Specialty Doors. This is because it enhances your interior design in, say, the kitchen: it matches fixtures such as oven ranges or dishwashers while also complementing light wood flooring and cabinetry.

Who Makes Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware?

The best stainless steel barn door hardware is made by American and European companies such as:

MWE: High-end German manufacturer of ornate, beautifully-engineered and safe hardware kits

Beyerle: This company in Germany provides door hardware in a variety of colors.

KrownLab: American manufacturer of robust, minimal industrial barn door hardware kits.

How to Pick the Best Modern Hardware

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy barn door hardware:

– Consider your interior design and how it will be used. Stainless steel pairs well with wood flooring since its dark hue is a perfect match for light tones, and it’s resistant to dirt, wear and rusting.

– Understand the space you are working in. If your space is limited, sliding doors will be an excellent match for your space, decluttering valuable square footage. Many kits come with customizable track lengths.

– Consider how heavy the steel will be – some models come preassembled, while others require some assembly.

– Don’t forget to check the quality of your components and finish, and make sure that all hardware is securely fixed to a sturdy frame for worry-free opening and closing.

Choosing modern barn door hardware doesn’t have to be hard. The design professionals at Specialty Doors & Hardware can help you find the best option for your home.

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